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The Domestic Violence Victim's Alliance & Retail Therapy KW Thrift & Consign was founded in 2022 by Amanda Kroetsch, a DV survivor still in active recovery. 

Despite tapping into every resource available for victims of violence, it was and still is not enough.  She decided to put her oxygen mask on  first and start an organization to help herself and others.

Prior to her injuries, Amanda was a successful entrepreneur and had been a business owner since age 19.  Her focus has always been advocacy and building businesses that disrupt, educate and help those in need.

Her focus has and will continue to be on human (with a focus on Women's) rights, equality, sovereignty, & safety.

To learn more about Amanda's personal experience with intimate partner violence and ongoing journey, please read the following articles.  Amanda has chosen to share her story on various platforms as a way to get her voice and power back, and to help others do the same.  She shares to help end the stigma and shame around being a survivor. 

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